Clerk/Receiver/Registrar:  Mary C. Smith, RMC
 Address:  8650 LeRay Street
 Evans Mills, NY 13637
 Phone:  315-629-4052 
 Fax:  315-629-4393

 Business Hours:  9 A.M. to 4 P.M. Monday - Friday
(Except on Holidays)
The Town Clerk's Office provides a wide range of services to Town Residents, such as the issuance of marriage licenses, death certificates, hunting licenses, or dog licenses and dealing with water and sewer billing and payments.  In addition, as the Receiver of Taxes, The Town Clerk's Office mails and collects property tax bills.  Likewise, as Records Access Officer, the Town Clerk's Office handles all F.O.I.L. requests. 

The Town Clerk also serves as the recorder of Town Board activities by producing minutes for all meetings and filing created resolutions and laws with the appropriate agencies.