Town and County tax bills are mailed out at the end of December and property owners have the entire month of January (until February 1) to pay without penalty.
Payments may be made in person using cash or check.  There is an ATM available in building. at the Town Clerk's Office in the Municipal Office Building during regular business hours.  Payments may also be sent by mail using check or money order to Mary C. Smith, Tax Receiver, 8650 LeRay Street, Evans Mills, NY 13637.
If the property owner chooses to mail in payment, the envelope must be postmarked by the United States Postal Service dated the day of the due date.  Any payment postmarked beyond the due date incurs a payment penalty.
Tax bills paid after February 1 incur the following payment penalties:
Payment Date  Penalty
February 2 - February 28  1.0 %
March 1 - March 11  2.0 %
*Additional Penalties Accrue Over Time.
After March 11, all unpaid tax bills are returned to the Jefferson County Treasurer, located at 175 Arsenal Street, Watertown, NY.  At that time, payments must be made at that office.  The Town Clerk no longer receives the tax payments.  
An Installment Payment Process is offered by the Town.  The details and the amounts are listed on the individual bills.  Installment payments must be made by the following dates to the Town Clerk, using the same methods as listed above:
 First Installment  February 1
 Second Installment  March 31
 Third Installment  June 1
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