Water and Sewer District residents are billed on a quarterly basis throughout the year.  The
resident has 30 days to pay the entire charge without penalty.  Bills paid after the payment due
date will incur a 3% late payment penalty. 

Payments may be made in person or mailed to the Town Clerk's Office, located at 8650 LeRay
Street, Evans Mills, NY.  If in person, the Town Clerk accepts cash, check, money order or credit
card; however, there is a minimum $3.00 charge for use of the credit card.  If mailed, the Town
Clerk will accept check or money order.  Please do not send cash.
 Water District 1 & Sewer District 3:  February, May, August & November
 Water District 2 & Sewer District 1:  January, April, July & October
 Water District 3 & Sewer District 2:  March, June, September & December
 Water District 4 & Sewer District 4:  March, June, September & December