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A water district is a special district, which has territorial boundaries.  Those residents within the boundaries may be charged a benefit assessment tax, a user fee or a combination of both in order
to pay for any outstanding debt and general operating, administrative and maintenance costs that allows the Town to provide the additional service to the district.  In a water district, the additional service is public water.  There are currently four water districts in the Town of LeRay:

 Water District 1

This district includes NYS Route 3 from the Town of Pamelia line to the bridge crossing the Black River near the Village of Black River.  It also incorporates the southern portions of the hamlet of Calcium and area around intersection of NYS Routes 342 and 283 and 5 Corners Road.

It follows the same boundaries as Sewer District 3.

Water District 2

This district includes the area around the intersection of US Route 11 and NYS Route 342.  It includes Route 342 west to the Town of Pamelia line and Route 11 north to Waddingham Road, including Johnson Road and Holbrook Road.  It also includes Route 11 south to the railroad underpass and Route 342 east to the railroad overpass and the streets in the Woodcliff and Woodcreek housing developments and the LeRay Heights and Ledges housing developments.

It follows the same boundaries as Sewer District 1.

Water District 3

This district includes the area along Steinhilber Road including Pleasant Creek Meadows housing development.

It follows the same boundaries as Sewer District 2.

Water District 4

This district includes hamlet of Calcium and the area along NYS Routes 283, 342, LaFave Road, Porter Road and the other intersecting roads in that area.